How to install quack games using the Heroic Games Launcher

In this guide, you will learn how to install quack games using the Heroic Games launcher. First, you have to install Heroic Launcher and run the installer, then install the game and add it to Steam.

Install Heroic Launcher

In this section, we will take you through the steps to install the Heroic Launcher.

  • Open the Discover Store, download Heroic Launcher, and install the Launcher application. Open the Heroic Launcher, navigate to the Wine Manager section, and choose Proton GE.
  • Specify the Proton version; for The Last of Us, select version 7-53 and proceed with the installation.
  • Go to the Library section within Heroic Launcher and add a game by typing the name The Last of Us in the search bar.
    If the name is entered correctly, an image of the game should appear on the left.
  • Set the platform version to Windows, click on the folder icon for Wineprefix settings, and navigate to home > deck > games > heroic prefixes.
  • Click on New Folder, provide a name e.g., Tlou for the new Wineprefix folder, and press OK to confirm the creation of the new folder. Click Choose to set the new Wineprefix folder for The Last of Us in Heroic Launcher.

Run Installer

This section describes how to install quack games by running the installer.

  • After configuring the Wineprefix, select the recently downloaded or chosen Wine version within Heroic Launcher. If the game isn’t installed yet, click Run Installer to initiate the installation process.
  • Select the game’s installer file and proceed with the installation by following the installation prompts. If the game files are already available, click on the folder icon to browse for the game’s installed files.
  • Locate the game’s directory within your system, choose the launcher.exe or the executable file associated with the game, and click Finish to confirm the selection.

Install Game

This section explains how to install the game.

  • Download the file named VCA redist and open WinCFG by clicking on the appropriate option.
  • Scroll down and ensure that the compatibility mode is set to Windows 10 within WinCFG, and apply the changes by clicking on the Apply button.
  • Click on Run EXE on Prefix within the WinCFG settings and select the file named VC_REDIST.x64.exe for installation.
  • Initiate the installation process by choosing the VC_REDIST.x64.exe file.
    Follow the installation prompts to install VC Redist.

Add to Steam

This section will take you through the steps to add the game to the Steam launcher.

  • Click on the provided button to add the game to Steam and select the Add to Steam option. Follow the prompts or procedures to add the game to your Steam library.
    Once added, the game should now be available within your Steam library.
  • Before launching the game, it’s essential to wait for the building shaders process to complete.
    This process might take an extended time, possibly an hour or two, to finish.