How to Level up Fast in ZENITH VR

This guide will provide you with the fastest way to level up during your gameplay in Zenith. This is a question that is asked so many times. If you played in the alpha or beta, you probably already know the answer, especially if you made it past level 20 or 25; you probably already know the fastest way to level up.

In Zenith, there are many ways to level up. The fastest way to level up is just by doing the story quests. According to so many players, when they played in the alpha and the beta, it changed slightly between being able to farm and trying other experimental methods to level up.

But for the most part, if you don’t progress in your game, you don’t get as much XP, and it makes more sense to grind out the quest. Of course, this should seem obvious because it’s an MMO, but there are other ways around doing the story quest in many games. For example, a player narrates that while playing his first playthrough in the zenith, they levelled up to a fundamental level by just running around and finding treasure and getting the experience points from the treasure of boxes.

So they never fought any enemies through that entire run-through, and they just acquired treasure. As you can see, you can level up through some interesting methods and side quests, just like in most MMOs.

Kill X amount of creatures

Since all of the quests pay out some experience points, you can kill mobs, but they get progressively weaker as far as giving you experience points if you are at level 20 and still in the level 510 area. You don’t get any experience points for killing creatures in that area. However, there is a way that you can use those creatures to your advantage; just because you don’t get experience points for killing them directly does not mean you cannot gain experience points from killing them. It means that you can accept quests that are hunter quests. They require you to kill x amount of creatures in an area, and then you will get paid XP per that quest.

Quests Pay XP, Diversely

Each of these quests does pay out a different amount of XP. Of course, the deeper into the danger zones, the higher level areas you go, the more payout there is for bigger monsters and things, but in the low areas, you can practically one-shot everything. When you get to a higher level, so a kind of quest sheet that you can do is you keep running over these sulfides. And as you do this, you grind out constantly accepting that low-level quest, and this only works at a lower level, but it allows you to get a ton of XP very quickly and level up and get through some of the early levels relatively fast.

Mainly, you will want to mash out your primary quest as fast as possible to level up quicker since it will give you more XP than any other quest in the game or monster slaying. Some events can give you a decent amount of experience, but sticking to the main storyline will give you the fastest and most XP.