How to Make a Better Minecraft 4 Server (BMC4)

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the entire process of creating a Better Minecraft 4 server.

Step 1: Checking Prerequisites

Before diving in, ensure your computer meets the requirements. Better Minecraft 4 demands a robust system due to its resource-intensive nature. You’ll need a high-performance computer and a stable internet connection.

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Step 2: Acquiring Server Hosting

If simplicity and reliability are your priority, consider using a dedicated game hosting service. Head to Simple Game Hosting’s website and start by pressing the ‘Get Started’ tab and select a 6GB or higher server plan for optimal performance.

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  • Configuration: Select Forge as the server type, pick a location, and complete the purchase process.
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  • Server Setup: Once purchased, follow the setup email’s instructions to create your account on their dashboard.
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  • Mod Pack Installation:

Click on the ‘Manage Server’ tab on the server dashboard, navigate to the ‘Modpacks’ tab, find ‘BMC4’, install the latest version, and start the server from the console.

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Step 3: Self-Hosting on Your Computer

For those eager to host the server on their computer:

  • Download the latest version of Better Minecraft 4 with server files from the mod pack page.
  • Ensure you have Java 17 and Jarfix installed as these are required to run the Better Minecraft 4 server.
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3.1: Setting Up the Server

  • Create a new folder on your desktop and move the downloaded server files into it.
  • Extract the files and ensure all necessary Better Minecraft 4 folders are present.
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3.2: Running the Server

  • Run the ‘start.ps1’ file in the server directory using PowerShell to start the server.
  • Agree to any prompts that appear during the server startup process.
  • It might prompt a Mojang’s EULA agreement; type in ‘I agree’ to start up the server.
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3.3: Connecting to the Server

  • Launch Minecraft with Better Minecraft 4 using CurseForge and connect to the server using the ‘Local Host’ address.
  • Ensure smooth gameplay and server functionality before proceeding further.

Step 4: Allowing Friends to Join

4.1: Configuring Port Forwarding

  • Access your router’s settings through the default gateway to enable port forwarding.
  • Enter the necessary details (external and internal ports, your computer’s IP address) to allow external connections to your server.

4.2: Sharing Server Access

  • Discover your external IP address through sites like ‘What’s My IP’, Share your public IP address with your friends to allow them to join the server.
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4.3: Windows Firewall Configuration

  • Ensure Java is allowed through the Windows Defender Firewall to enable external connections.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully set up a Better Minecraft 4 server, enabling you and your friends to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience together.