How to Make a Stonemason Villager in Minecraft

In this guide, you will find how to make a Stonemason villager in Minecraft in all versions. Go through the guide and follow the simple instructions to do so.

First, you will need a stone and iron ingot, so go to the crafting station to make a stone cutter.

Now, put the stone across the bottom and the iron ingot in the middle tol have a stone cutter.

After that, put on this hot bar, and find a villager who is unemployed. There are no trading options, and they appear in a brown suit once you see them.

You will find an unemployed villager, give this bar to him or you can find a villager with the job and then destroy the object that hires him. Now go to this cartographer and destroy the table below his feet.

Put this next to him, and he will become a stonemason.