How to Pass off Boards to Players in NHL 23

In this guide, you will find how to Pass off boards to players in NHL 23.

You can pass the puck off the boards to the player in front of you, and you can also pass it off the boards to yourselves. Hold down L1 and then press R2 uh to flick the puck off the board. It will help to off-balance the defender and then you can switch directions after getting the puck.

You can take advantage of the off-the-board pass to score a goal. Hold down L1, and tap R2 to hit the puck off the wall, it will off-balance the defender. Skate in to beat him and then take advantage of that the defender is over-pursuing. Use the left analog stick to switch directions and roll around, then hold down L3 to get a speed boost.

After getting close, you need to let go of that speed boost. Flick the right analog stick up while taking the left analog stick and aiming for the top right corner to score a goal.