How to Play Coop – Remnant 2

This guide will let you know how to play co-op with your friends in Remnant 2. You first have to play in the tutorial section, and then unlock co-op mode. After that, invite your friends to join the game and do some rest while in the game.


In this section, we will take you through the steps to play in the tutorial section to unlock the co-op mode.

  • First, you have to play through and complete the tutorial section of the game.
    This introductory part can take approximately 30 minutes to an hour to finish. As you progress through the tutorial, you’ll eventually meet up with the people from Ward 13.
  • Interact with them and follow the storyline to proceed.
  • Head to Ward 13, a central hub in the game, and speak with Ford to receive your main quest line. Follow his instructions to enter the old Ward.
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Unlock Co-op

This section describes how to unlock co-op mode to invite friends to join you in the game.

  • Search for a matchbook located behind a painting. Look around the environment until you locate the matchbook item.
  • Locate Ford near a door in the game, approach it to initiate a conversation and progress the storyline.
  • Open your inventory and find the matchbook item you’ve picked up. Inspect the matchbook to trigger an interaction that will reveal a key.
    As you inspect the matchbook, you’ll receive a key that can be used to unlock a door.
    Once the door is unlocked, a cutscene will automatically play. This cutscene will introduce new elements to the game and provide important context.
  • Following the cutscene, you’ll unlock the option to play co-op. This means you’ll now be able to invite your friends or join other players for cooperative gameplay.
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Invite Friends

This section explains how to invite a friend in the game to play in co-op mode in the game.

  • While playing Remnant 2, access the in-game menus.
    You can do this by either using your platform’s specific in-game menus.
  • Navigate to the System tab within the in-game menus.
    This tab often contains options related to gameplay settings, controls, and interactions.
  • If applicable, pause the game to access the pause menu.
    Look for the pause button on your controller.
  • Within the pause menu, locate the option labelled Friends.
    This option is where you can manage your friends list and initiate co-op interactions.
    From the Friends menu, you’ll likely see options for inviting or joining friends.
  • Click on the appropriate option based on whether you want to invite your friend to your game or join your friend’s game.
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This section describes how to keep resting in the game to start a match and co-op with your friends in the game.

  • Interact with the checkpoint and choose the option to Rest.
    This action allows you to save your progress and prepares the game for multiplayer interactions.
  • After resting at the checkpoint, access the in-game menu. Look for an option related to multiplayer interactions, often labelled as Join.
    Within the Join menu, you’ll likely have different options for joining other players’ games.
  • Look for the option specifically labelled Join Random Players.
  • Upon choosing to Join Random Players, the game may prompt you to select a difficulty level for the multiplayer session.
    Choose the difficulty level that you’re comfortable with.
  • After selecting the difficulty, look for an option like Quick Match.
    This option initiates the process of connecting you with other players who are also looking for co-op partners.
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