How to Play PKG/ISO Games on PS3!

Many game lovers want to play the PKG and ISO games on their PlayStation 3, but most need to learn how. You will learn an easy method to download and play PKG/ISO games on PlayStation 3.

Step 1:

Initially, format your USB to FAT32. It is a significant step because your USB will only work on MAC if you format it. The formatting process stays the same both for Windows and MAC.

Step 2:

Create a folder named games in the USB, if you have a PKG game on your computer,  copy and paste it into your USB, get your USB ejected, and you are done with it.

Step 3: 

Go to the Package Manager on your PlayStation and install the PKG game.

Step 4:

The preferred method: If you have a CD and have loaded it in your JailBreak Console, it sticks or does not run at all. Cast your disk into the console, and now go to the multi-man application; move toward the games column from here. Discover a game where you want to make an ISO file to be copied to the console’s storage.

The Example

One of your games, the GTA, needed to be fixed with a CD and freezes now and again or does not even run. Once you find the game, click Create ISO after pressing the triangle. It can take a long while.

When it is done, you should restart the multi-man. After that, below the games column, go to the ISO file that is just burned. Press the triangle, click extract ISO, and allow it to download again, and you are completely done.

Through this method, your games will not just freeze anymore. But you will find it very easy to download and play the games.