How to Play Pokemon Legends Arceus on Ryujinx

This guide will tell you how to Play Pokemon Legends Arceus on Ryujinx.

First, you have to download Ryujinx from the following link Scroll down a little bit and click on download the latest build. Now you are on the next page and you will find that the download is available for Windows, Linux, and MAC. Select the operating system you want and your download will start. Once the download is complete, click on Show in the folder and then drag & and drop this folder on your desktop. Now you need to extract this folder by right-clicking on it and then clicking on Extract Here.

Open the extracted folder called Publish and scroll all the way down until you find ryujinx. Click on it and an error will pop up in front of you saying the keys not found.

For this, you need to click on OK, then go up to file to add your keys and click on Open the ryujinx folder. Select the system folder where you have to put your product keys. Once you have your product key files, drag and paste them here.

Now you have to install your firmware by clicking on Tools on the top and clicking on install firmware. After that, install the firmware on XCI or zip. Then locate it on your computer, click on yes and the firmware will start to install.

After that, restart the emulator, click on Options and then click on settings. After that, select the General tab, click on the Add button under the game directories and go to the game directory where your game is installed or if your games are in some other emulator, then you have to go to the location of that emulator.

Click on the Input tab from the top and then click on Configure under Player 1.

Set the controller type to Pro Controller and set the Input device to the Keyboard. You can select the buttons on your keyboard. You simply have to select the button and press the button on your keyboard.

Go to the Graphics tab and set the Graphics Backend to Vulkan. Also, make sure that you are using the latest version of the emulator, then go to the System and make sure that the V-sync is not selected. After that, tap on Apply.

Now all your games will be added to your Ryujinx emulator. Then you have to select the game, right-click on it and then click manage title updates. After that, click on the Add button and find the update file that you have downloaded. Click on the Save button. After this, launch the game as now your game is ready to play.