How to Repair Items in Smalland

Are you an enthusiastic player of Smalland? If yes, then it is for you! It will let you know how to get your tools repaired in Smalland.

First, you will need to make a workbench with the help of a building hammer. Go to crafting and create a building hammer using wood and fiber. Once you have it, right-click on it to build a workbench for yourself. For this purpose, the ingredients you need are resin and fiber, wood. After that, move toward the workbench, press F, and you will find an option of Repair on your screen.

Use The Workbench, Carefully!

For instance, if you need your sword repaired, then click the sword from your inventory, and you will have it repaired. The same goes for all the other items you have. You may learn how much it takes to repair an item by clicking on a specific item.