How to Tame A Ladybug in Smalland

Your search ends here if you have been trying to find how to tame a ladybug in Smalland. You will be able to tame a ladybug in almost no time.

The Things You Need

A building hammer can be utilized to build a workbench. So, you have a workbench in your base. You will find a ladybug travel kit if you go to the bottom of the list in your inventory. You will require nectar, apple mushrooms, and fiber. The poppy flowers are called nectar. On flattening them, they provide you with the nectar. You can use the Lisa crude axe to flatten them down.

You can find them everywhere on the map. Usually, these flowers have a lot of bees around them. You need to look for the swarm of bees that will let you know that the poppy flower exists near. The apple mushrooms can be found everywhere on the map, and just cut them utilizing an axe.

Things To Do

Once you see a ladybug, head there. It would be best if you had a fine sword made of wood. Move toward one of them and hit it. An icon will appear on your screen that says Tame, you need to press F to tame it.

Remember, once a ladybug is tamed, it will follow you around. You will surely enjoy playing the game with a domesticated ladybug.