How to Tune Weapon in Warzone 2 & Attachments

This guide will tell you how to TUNE weapons in Warzone 2 & Attachments.

First, you have to reach the last level of your weapon and then the weapon attachment tuner will unlock. You need to reach level 20 of your weapon to unlock it. After unlocking it, go to your gun and then navigate to the gunsmith.

Now right above the attachments, you will find the tuning option, you have to select it. After that, select the part you want to tune and it will take you to the tune page. From here, you can actually tune the damage, and also if you have chosen a bullet, you can increase the bullet velocity. For this, you have to use the left thumbstick and then move it in the up direction to increase the damage. After that, move the left thumb stick in the right direction to increase the bullet velocity.

You can tune every attachment with this tuner option, you just have to select that attachment and then click on Tune. It will open the tune page for that weapon.