How to Unlock Battlepass Weapons & Vehicles Faster in Battlefield 2042

This guide will let you know how to level up the battle pass faster and unlock the new weapons vehicles and specialists in a shorter time in Battlefield 2042.

You have to earn battle pass points to level up the battle paths and unlock tiers, 10 points will let you unlock one battle pass. You can earn these points in two different ways, one is by completing the weekly missions. It is recommended to complete all the missions because it will give you 49 battle pass points which are 5 tiers.

The other way to earn points is by simply playing the game and earning as much XP as possible. You can see how much XP you need to earn one battle pass point above your weekly mission overview. You only need a little XP for one battle pass point when your battle pass level is very low but the higher your level, the more XP you need. The easiest way to earn XP is by playing with Falck or Angel, it is recommended to use the Prox Sensor as a throwable and equip the ammo box as a gadget.

Play breakthrough instead of conquest and every resupply or heal will give you 20 XP. If you are playing Falck, you can shoot out your surrets to heal teammates which will give you more XP. Throw out the Prox sensor and it will give you 5 XP for every spotted enemy and 20 XP as spotting assist for every spotted enemy that gets killed by your teammate. One revive is 50 XP, so you must try to revive as many people as possible. When you get killed, don’t skip the revive because you will still get spottings assists and resupply points when you are down.

It works best on the new map since there are more hot spots. For the other maps that are a bit more open, you can also use Casper and his recon drone in combination with the Soflam. Just spot enemies for the whole game and it will give you a lot of XP. You will easily get 20,000 to 30,000 XP per match which equals up to 10 battle pass points. After unlocking the new weapons and vehicles, you must play a few solo matches of a breakthrough against AI to get used to them. You can easily unlock all attachments for one weapon same for the helicopters in bot matches. Once you’re done, you will have a fully upgraded weapon or vehicle and you also learned how to play it.