How to Unlock & Equip Name Card in Overwatch 2

This guide will tell you How to UNLOCK & Equip a Name Card in Overwatch 2.

1- First, you have to boot up Overwatch 2 and press the Options to open the menu. From the menu, you need to click on Career Profile.

2- From the top of your screen, you have to click on Customization and then press the r2 button to go to the name card. Under the battle pass, you will find all the name cards. You will get some of them through the premium battle pass and some through the non-premium battle pass. Under the battle pass, you will get the season 1 game passes.

3- After this, go back to the home screen and then click on the Battle pass. You can check some of the name cards at the bottom of your screen, these all will unlock through the premium battle pass. You have to scroll to the right side to find the free ones but to get free ones, you also need to achieve some levels.