How To Unlock & Learn Avada Kedavra In Hogwarts Legacy

In this guide, you will find how to unlock & learn Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy.

In your main story questline, you have to do different trials. While doing these questlines, you will have relationship quests with NPCs, and Sebastian is one of them. Sebastian goes on a storyline to help his sick sister, and you will learn all of the curses in his storyline. You’ll get a choice of whether you want to learn these in most of his story’s chapters. Now if you want to learn the curses, check all your side quests, and you always do Sebastian’s chain.

Keep doing this, and eventually, you will learn an Avada Kedavra spell. You can use it to kill trolls and all that kind of stuff. If you choose not to have him teach it to you, you will need to go to the dark arts tower, move downstairs, and head under the craft. Once you’ve completed Sebastian’s main storyline and learned what happens to him and his sister, he will come down and hang around. If you’ve missed any curse spell, you can speak to Sebastian, who will teach you the curses you’ve missed.