How to Upgrade Exosuit Inventory in No Man’s Sky

This guide will tell you how to upgrade Exosuit Inventory in No Man’s Sky. Go through the guide and follow all the instructions carefully to upgrade it.

How to increase your Exosuit's inventory space in No Man's Sky Beyond -  Polygon

There are three main ways you can get Exosuit inventory upgrades. The first way you can get them is by buying one from an Exosuit vendor at a space station. It will cost more and more each time you upgrade, so keep that in mind.

Once you’ve purchased an upgrade, you will not be able to buy another upgrade from that same spacer station in that system. So you need to warp to a new system once you’ve bought your upgrade.

The next way you can get an Exosuit upgrade is by buying it from the space anomaly. Just like with the space station, you can only buy one upgrade per system. So once you get your upgrade, you will need to warp to a new system to purchase another upgrade.

Finally, the last way you can get Exosuit inventory upgrades is by finding and repairing drop pods to get upgrades for free. You can buy drop pod locations by just heading to a space station and talking to the cartographer and buying a drop pod map using navigation data.

Also for this method, you don’t have to keep switching systems each time you get a drop Pod. As if you get multiple maps, then you can just use all of the maps in the same system to get multiple upgrades without having to switch systems each time like you have to with the other two ways.