How to use Aegislash – Pokemon Unite

In this guide, you’ll learn how to effectively utilize Aegislash and maximize its potential in Pokemon Unite. From understanding its move sets to mastering strategic tips and tricks, this guide equips you with the knowledge needed to excel with this powerful Pokemon.

Skills & abilities

Aegislash deals a lot of damage and he can heal himself in no time using his amazing healing effect. He has two attacking types; shield and sword type. Whenever you use his sword moves, a hammer icon will appear at the bottom and your basic attacks will boost up. The basic attack speed and movement speed will increase in the sword mode.

When you use any shield move, a plus icon will appear at the bottom and the basic attacks will change after that. defense and special defense will increase but the basic attack speed will decrease in the shield mode. The shield mode is very helpful when you want to recover HP. The Shadow Sneak move will increase the boosted count by 1% while the Iron Defense move blocks one attack of the enemy for three seconds. It will also give you a boosted count.

Sword type moves

With the Sacred Dword move, a triangle will appear in front of Aegislash. You can move the triangle in any direction and use it on an enemy to stun them for a half-second. As you hit enemies, your boosted count will keep on increasing.

This will also ignore 25% of the enemy’s defense. When you use Shadow Claw on any enemy, they will get stunned for 0.75 seconds and it will also increase the boosted count by 1%.

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Shield type moves

The Iron Head and Wide Guard moves are unlocked at level 7. The Wide Guard move gives a protected shield and boosted count to Aegislash. After that, no one will be able to stun you.  The Iron Move move gives him a shield while dashing and the boosted count will also increase by 1 %.

You can use it to block the damage coming from the enemies and the boosted count will also increase in this case. The cooldown time will decrease by three seconds.


The first combo is Sacred Sword and Wide Guard, you have to use Sacred Sword and lock as many enemies as you can. After that, use a shield on the enemies, then use basic attacks and a sacred sword to deal damage. In this way, you can use the sacred sword two times.

The second-best combo is Iron Head and Shadow Claw. Use the Iron Head first to get two boosted counts, then use Shadow Claw and utilize the Iron Head again. After that, keep spamming Shadow Claw to defeat the enemy. If you have low HP, then you must use the basic attack in the shield mode.

Cross Combos

The best cross combo is Wide Guard and Shadow Claw. You need to use Shadow Claw first and then then use a shield and your boosted attack runs out. After that, use the basic attack, and then you will be able to use the Shadow Claw again. The Wide Guard will prevent you from stuns.

Unite Move

You can use the Unite move to hit the enemies with a giant sword and deal damage to the enemies depending on their HP. If you knock out the enemy using this move, then you will get a 2% increase in the boosted count. Aegislash becomes unstoppable when he uses this move. This Unite move gives him 30% movement speed, 20% shield of max HP, and 30% movement speed.

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Build and emblem

The best build for Aegislash is an attack with a weak policy and a resonant guard. The HP and attack emblem work best with Aegislash.  

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