How to Use Cartridge Guns in Atomic Heart

In this guide, you will find out how to use Cartridge Guns in Atomic Heart.

First, you must have a slot on your gun to go to the upgrade terminal. Select the gun you want to upgrade and if you have the blueprint for it, then go to cartridge gun, cartridge module and get at least the basic.

They will make the cartridge last longer. After that, you need cartridges, so go to the Crafting tab, navigate to Cartridge guns and then you can craft your own once you have the recipes. Make sure you have them in your inventory all the time. They will last more than one shot.

Hold Square on Playstation, the X button on a PlayStation controller, or Tab on PC to pop up the radial menu. You can change out guns and secondary load-outs on this menu, and there will be a cartridge spot at the bottom. You’ll find your hotkeys top right of the screen. It’s the right trigger on Xbox or R2 on a PlayStation controller.

Hit that button to get into your cartridge slots, then pick one. Press R the right Trigger or R2 again or whatever it says on PC, and it will swap it out. Once you have it equipped, you can do whatever element of damage it’s supposed to do.