How to Use Landmines in Roblox Evade

This simple guide helps to use landmines in Roblox Evade. You must follow each step in the guide to do so.

First, you need to do is to have landmines, so go to Equipment, item shop, and usable, and you will find the landmines there. They cost 100 coins, so make sure you have enough cash to buy them. It says ‘temporarily stuns the AI when being stepped on be careful as it can also kill you last two minutes.’ It means if you set it down, it will not last the whole entire game, it will just last two minutes.

Once you have your landmine, press back again, and then press play. Run around the map and set up a trap around here, if you want to land mine right here to where they can only get from this way you’re going to press 2, then click on a landmine and place it by using left click. It will take like three seconds to place and you have a landmine planted.