How to Use Your PS4 or Xbox Controller on GTA 5 Fivem

This guide let you know how to use your PS4 or Xbox controller on Grand Theft Auto FiveM using Steam.

1- First, you have to launch Steam and then click on the big picture mod on the top right corner of your screen. After that, go to settings, navigate to controller settings and you will find a lot of different options. You need to connect your controller to your system and you will find your controller under the detected controller. After that, checkmark the Xbox configuration support. In this list, you will get the options for different controllers, you can select the option according to which controller are you using. You can also checkmark the Xbox extended feature support as it is for the elite controllers.

2- If still you are facing the issue, then you have to launch Steam in the big picture mod by clicking on the little screen icon on the top left side of your screen. After this, go to the library and find GTA Five M here. Select it, click on Manage Game, and then select the controller configuration on the right side of your screen. You need to make sure that your controller is set up properly.