Hunter Build Guide – Midnight Suns

In this guide, you will learn about the build guide of Hunter. He is the main character of the game. Hunter has more abilities than any other character in the game. 

Hunter Build: 

Fully charged

It is a passive ability that gives you resistance and heroism. Resist prevents all the damage from the attacks, and heroism will help you to use heroic abilities.

Balanced Collar

You can use the balanced collar to draw 200 cards every time you play 300 cards. Whenever you are playing 100 cards, you will gain extra 100 cards to play throughout the mission. If you are using wrath (collar), it will give you a critical strike.   

The collar you want to use will use depends on the position in the game and how much light and dark balance you have. 

Hunter Deck

Quick Slash: 

Because of this, all your abilities will do the knockback quickly and deal damage. With the card, you can knock back and deal damage at the same time. In some cases, it damages the enemies; you can use this card on the bigger enemies and get the advantage of knocking back and dealing with the damage. 

Wild Strike

It is a great damaging ability. It is a regular attack card that generates a little heroism. The downside is that it makes you vulnerable for one term. If you have the resist on from your passive, then you won’t take any damage when you get hit anyway. The idea of this ability is “one swing and one kill”. You can use this ability on the bigger enemy.   

If you modify it, then it would be great if you modify it to increase the damage. 


When you modify this ability, it will become free and also increase the damage ability of other cards. It will make all the hunter’s cards critical for the next turns. The best thing is that it will be free when you modify it, and whenever you pull the other cards, you will get more damage, which will benefit you in gaining heroism. 


It is a heroic ability, and it is expensive. It costs six heroism, and it deals great damage. You can cast it only for one time. Then it gets removed from your deck for that particular mission. The good thing is that the cost goes down every turn, and it remains in your hand. When it is upgraded with the wrath, it deals critical and more damage. If you get strengthened, it can hit over a thousand damages easily. You can use it on the boss enemies or the bigger enemies. 

Deadly Ground

This card depends on with whom you are running. Once this card is upgraded, it summons the one light and one dark explosion. And then it will summon another one. You have to use one heroism to activate it, which will help you knock back the enemies.

Hunter’s best team: 

Hunter plays with many different heroes throughout the game based on the missions because he is involved in all the main story missions. How he will synergize with different characters depends on the cards you have. If you have healing abilities, that will go well with ghost Rider and Wolverine.