Infinite Item Glitch Lego Fortnite Unlimted Items Duplication Glitch

This guide will let you know how to perform an infinite item glitch in LEGO Fortnite that lets you duplicate items easily. With this easy trick, you can elevate your gaming experience and enjoy endless possibilities.

  • First, enter the building mode and build a lumber mill by gathering Granite and Raptor. Ensure you have enough Granite and Wood resources.
  • Use these resources to construct the lumber mill in a suitable location, perhaps where your characters can easily access it. After that, place the Wood into the mill.
    This Wood will be processed into Planks by the lumber mill.
  • Wait for the lumber mill to convert the Wood into Planks. Check the mill to see if all the gathered Wood has been transformed into Planks.
  • Once processed, collect the produced Planks from the lumber mill.
    These Planks will be used for the next steps or tasks in the game.
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  • Access the build menu and locate the chest option. After that, build the chest at any suitable location. Gather the tools you want to repair.
    Notice that the tools in the chest maintain the same durability as when you placed them there. This means their condition doesn’t change while inside the chest.
  • Now break the chest, the tools will drop, and they’ll be back to their full durability as if they were newly obtained.
    This method works well for easily fixable tools like basic pickaxes. However, it becomes especially powerful in the game when dealing with rare materials used to craft more advanced items such as axes, swords, or bows.
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