Lumenspar Behind The Gate – Genshin Impact The Chasm Guide

Dens of Thieves Secret Achievement

In this video, I will share with you how to obtain the Dens of Thieves’ secret achievement.

Do note that you need to complete Undetected Infiltration in order to get one of the quest items required by this secret achievement.

Treasure Map Fragment No.1

Teleport to Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel east waypoint and head northeast.

Interact with the red bad at the camp. To get the first treasure map fragment.

Treasure Map Fragment No.2

Teleport to Lumberpick Valley waypoint and head southeast towards Yanbo. Do note that you need to complete the Undetected Infiltration world quest to get the Second treasure map fragment.

How to go to the campsite

Teleport to Tiagong Gorge waypoint and head northwest. Find your way up the mountain.

How to get into the secret room

When you reach the treasure hoarder camp, defeat all the enemies and apply Pyro on the hay behind the common chest.

Enter the underground with the trapdoor and you will get an achievement, find the lumenspar behind the gate, a precious chest, and an exquisite chest.