Magik Build Guide – Midnight Suns

Magik is one of the first characters in the game, she is DPS and CC-oriented class. In this guide, you will get to know how to use her abilities in Midnight Suns. 

Magik is a tougher and more amazing character in the game if you set her up in the advanced version. Magik has a huge focus on portals. Her passive bonus is that she gains a portal on the battlefield. 

Magik Deck 

Limbo’s Grasp:

Because of this card your enemies get damaged when you knocked them through portals. When you upgrade it, you get a chance to place the portal wherever you want. You can also get heroism and if you upgrade it, it allows you to draw. It’s better if you draw this card at the beginning of the battle.

Quick Soulslash

This is the quick ability, if you deal with the enemy quickly, you will get a refund of the card play. If you kill someone through the portal and he dies at that moment, you will get a refund of the card play. You can knock things through the portal. You will also get more moves and the best thing about Magik is that she does not use a lot of heroism. She builds heroism easily and she can use a lot of heroism in environmental attacks. 


This is a good ability and it generates heroism and it has knockback too. It is important to have knockback if you go to the portal strategy. If you don’t have the portal, then it is going to be a waste. It’s better if you modify it so you can get the magic card.

Soul blast

A good alternative to the kick. It will give you the best knockback when you knock out the enemy. Magik tends to have a lot of enemies on the battlefield, so that is why knockbacks and counterattacks are good for her. You could use two soul blasts instead of two kicks. The poor thing about soul blast is that it does not deal with aggressive damage. 

Banished Card

This card does have anything to do with portals. It essentially replaces the enemy or an ally with the drop. You can protect somebody that is going to die or you can remove them from the battlefield. For example, if you don’t want to deal with the big enemy on the battlefield, you can CC them from the match

The best thing is that you can play with strategy and use portals and hit the enemies, it will increase the damage for Magik and you can then use it for the bigger enemies as well. Use your magic card like kick and use the portal and target that portal to the explosion. You can also use soul slash and you will get the cards back. You can also use the limbo portal and then soul slash. In this way, you can use limbo again and hit the enemy again. 

Magik best team 

You can add Doctor Strange to her team because she needs to draw her cards back and Doctor Strange can do that. He is a good support to her. 

Nico is also a good support to her. She can strengthen her attacks and she can double her cards too. Captain America is also a great support to her, he has the ability to draw the cards for her. She generates a lot of heroism, but she doesn’t use it much. So she is a good companion of the heroism-hungry characters.