Marvel Duel Decks Tier List

Marvel Duel is a card battler game that is specially designed for mobile phones. In this thrilling game, the players will need to collect iconic characters and build the strongest deck to confront enemies. Marvel Duel is available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

All the decks in Marvel Duel has their own utlity, so picking up the right deck is very important. Our decks tier list will let you know which decks are the best. 

Best Deck for Spiderman in Marvel Duel

x2 Symbiote Spider-Man, x2 Great Responsibility, 4x Caught in the web, 2x Doppelganger Miles, x2 Ghost Spider, x4 Gwen Stacy, x2 Mysterio, x4 Silk, x2 Spider-Man(Miles Morales), and x2 Web-shooters.

Best Deck for Ironman in Marvel Duel

x2 Arc Reactor, x1 Crimson Dynamo, x2 Hulkbuster Armor, x4 Iron Man Model I, x4 Iron Monger, x2 Madame Masque, x4 Repulsor Blast, x2 Silver Centurion Blade, x2 Silver Centurion, and x2 Superior Iron Man.

Thor Best Deck in Marvel Duel

x2 Throg, x4 Fandral, x1 Thor, x1 Guard Army of Asgard, x1 Valkyrie, x1 Gungnir, x4 Hogun, x2 Jane Foster, x1 Lady Sif, x2 Mjolnir.

Captain Marvel Best Deck

x2 Yon-Rogg, x2 Accuser’s Hammer, x4 Kree Soldiers, x1 Talos, x4 Mar-Vell, x1 Minn Erva, x1 Moonstones, x4 Ronan, x4 Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), x2 Ms. Marvel(Kamala Khan).

Best Deck for Hela in Marvel Duel

x4 Surtur, x2 Bloodaxe, x4 Kurse, x4 Destroyer, x2 Ebony Blade, x4 Hela, x4 Enchantress, x4 Frost Beast, x4 Frost Giant, and x4 Malekith.

Best Cards for Star-Lord

x2 Adam Warlock, x4 Cosmo, x4 Drax, x2 Groot, x2 Mantis, x2 Rocket Raccoon, x2 Satr-Lord, x4 The Milano, x3 Yaka Arrow, and x2 Yandu.

Elektra Best Deck

x4 Banana Peel, x2 Elektra, x2 Jessica Jones, x4 Kingpin’s Revenge, x4 Luke Cage, x2 Moon Knight, x1 Owl, x2 Shang-Chi, x2 The Punisher, and x1 Unyielding Will.
We have covered every deck in our guide, so that is all there is to say about the Marvel Duel tier list.