Mass Effect Legendary Edition Codes

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition will bring back the memories of a time when you had to save humanity from extinction. In the distant future, humankind has spread out among the stars. After a long war with an alien race called the Reapers, humanity is facing its final hours. Now, Commander Shepard must save mankind from complete annihilation.

Active Codes

1D1.67F.MFA.43F.MDI.3DS.6W6.7CL.TK5.8GN.E3A.5CUse it to get u/BrandonNoir’s Brandon Shepard face code
1I1.916.N1F.F11.WFR.FGG.4GG.111.S95.2PB.94A.11G.1Use it to get the reward
1J1.WAD.JA6.E2G.GG6.66T.LGI.72G.WD6.714.8G5.51G.BUse it to get Logan Shepard’s face code
1K1.WAD.JA6.E2G.GG6.66T.LGI.72G.WD6.714.8G8.514Use it to get Logan Shepard II’s to-face code
1K2.JII.QHJ.F8G.E8L.F1R.KQL.315.1E6.9PF.E45.9Use it to get New Male Code
241.111.11F.GGW.6HH.HW1.631.BH5.8JA.B43.5Use it to get the reward
262.111.11F.A61.AAV.J5D.MDJ.68G.172.5D5.E46.61Use it to get the reward
312.11F.B87.G54.FW1.HCW.US4.991.EH7.CFB.AD5.K1G.AUse it to get Sarah Shepard’s face code
342.KML.CIQ.G31.GMP.MBB.N7P.2RN.J84.AUM.A36.9Use it to get the reward
3J1.17D.A7K.18B.9FG.35P.4C8.6AG.G16.5GH.E4A.9Use it to get Colt Shepard’s face code
3Q1.7AE.ENF.A85.FAS.JEI.MJD.6PG.G75.8I7.17B.9CUse it to get u/hoxtonbreakfast’s Masato Shepard face code
452.RLI.MGG.B71.H1T.175.S89.32D.1J2.C84.E33.6Use it to get the reward
4Q1.DFR.K1C.A9P.TPP.DDM.18D.16D.S63.F1B.F4A.R2J.1Use it to get Mei Shepard’s face code
511CDMPFRN59RDU63WWCF6WTW8C2Q5E476Use it to get Philip Shepard’s face code
542.GG8.L7Q.P37.IGQ.IBQ.NMP.8FR.FC4.2I3.85A.9Use it to get the reward
543.UAH.CMT.C3I.GMU.M2B.N7P.2RN.J84.AUK.E3A.95Use it to get u/JAT619’s Augustus Shepard face code
5A2.SPK.FGW.J31.HLW.13W.U9N.6VL.N9C.1MN.85B.B4Use it to get the reward
5J2.FNH.DGW.J31.HLW.15R.W6L.6QL.1E2.1L5.E5B.9CUse it to get u/bettercallconnolly’s John Shepard face code
5L1.11F.C16.K7Q.CBJ.1HN.AS1.761.MB2.DF5.F46.PBB.AUse it to get the reward
5L1.7JD.GTF.A3G.AAV.JBD.MDj.6PG.G72.AG4.647.87Use it to get the reward
5M2.743.4RE.78E.G59.685.4PB.52F.1T6.BA4.836.7Use it to get Sean Shepard’s face code
5M3.SEU.B2C.A9Q.DBM.GGM.G59.861.TJ3.DLK.E69.EBYUse it to get the reward
5Q3.J2E.B78.E23.783.5HL.IR9.72C.KU6.H1I.2GF.11CUse it to get Alex Shepard’s face code
5Ql.DG7.IGQ.N5D.DDT.H4K.NGH.5E3.AE2.1MD.E33.31Use it to get Mark Shepard’s face code
5T1.EF8.WT1.136.EDU.S5W.WD5.6GG.6E2.1R5.65G.ECUse it to get Augustus Shepard II’s to-face code
743.19N.E17.I2M.EDQ.65Q.1DA.811.966.412.6G5.177Use it to get the reward
751.99G.W17.F7C.JDQ.64Q.1DA.711.S46.1LH.FG6.LJG.6Use it to get the reward
753.KDE.Q81.W81.9J3.12W.11G.194.FD6.1BD.6G6.17AUse it to get the reward
773.11W.HLS.G1K.UD3.B41.1WQ.811.118.4JK.35J.KAQ.AUse it to get Nadira Shepard’s face code
7A1.Q9G.M17.F2A.NB1.1FQ.1DA.711.G68.41G.499.HXG.BUse it to get Jorja Shepard’s face code
7I1.11H.L31.W8T.Q7P.DAI.AKN.21C.WD5.472.1G9.111.4Use it to get Julia Shepard’s face code
7J1.ECK.11N.U8W.RDJ.M49.2FG.71C.R66.15H.9GG.J1G.AUse it to get New Female Code
7L1.1LL.HF8.T21.AC9.1HF.LKI.211.W16.1H9.AGH.T1G.AUse it to get PCGN Jen’s Femshep face code
7L2.7DB.866.E21.CGG.M6B.1MF.111.W68.173.C49.BGG.3Use it to get Azaelia Shepard’s face code
7Q1.D9H.M66.F87.JDQ.96M.1D9.141.R46.44A.FG6.1CF.5Use it to get u/Asukalock’s Femshep face code
7S1.11F.E1B.L8A.JDJ.EHN.677.111.I66.413.A3K.GFG.1Use it to get the reward
7S1.8BH.HG4.K1A.7CI.5GT.HKA.711.JF8.521.2G9.11FUse it to get the reward
7S3.12W.D2B.H84.N8I.8GP.7DK.73G.W9C.795.E46.I1B.BUse it to get u/merylisk’s Esme Shepard face code
7T1.C7H.J15.K25.3LV.1HW.8JA.751.PL6.DCG.FG9.M9GUse it to get Jennifer Shepard’s face code
7T3.47J.G71.K8A.HDQ.62F.1EC.711.F16.11J.2GH.Q5G.1Use it to get the reward
8A1.1BB.PAG.D12.F1V.1EU.WWI.1GL.WE4.1CB.K65.FWF.BUse it to get u/ThereIsNoDog’s Femshep face code
8L3.KAJ.NGA.D9Q.J3E.15Q.DEL.15W.MCA.39J.347.41G.BUse it to get the reward
9A3.1FD.G11.M11.IG1.1BN.6MK.A11.NP8.23B.769.1WGUse it to get u/derrylharper’s Vanessa Shepard face code
9Q3.331.EG8.J82.M9H.5GF.MQC.868.UD1.4FG.F66.C1F.6Use it to get Regan Shepard’s face code
SG1.HKE.87L.B8Q.C8Q.DFR.QFH.6PJ.9DC. 1C1.17A.9Use it to get the reward
SS1.SEU.B2C.A8Q.CBN.1GM.G59.861.RI3.DLA.F49.CCC.1Use it to get the reward

How to redeem codes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition Face?

You have to launch the game and navigate to the Profile reconstruction menu. There will be a space to enter the code in the menu, you need to enter your code there and tap on Finalice to get your reward.