Mr Mine Codes

Mr. Mine is an idle mining clicker game. The players will need to grab their trusty pickaxe and embark on a thrilling mining adventure, where valuable resources await beneath the surface. You’ll need to click to dig deeper and deeper into the earth, unearthing precious minerals and resources. As you accumulate these valuable treasures, you’ll be able to earn more money, unlocking new opportunities and upgrades along the way.

Active Codes

7X22DVC4C151EUse it to get an Ethereal chest

Expired Codes

ZXVDXAB4A5160LUse it to get a 60-minute timelapse
VRQM73F495C240LUse it to get a 240-minute timelapse
V7AN4ND4A1110TUse it to get 10 Tickets
SMRJJBF49C410TUse it to get 10 Tickets
NE2VUCE49B310TUse it to get 10 Tickets
MRMW78E4AE610TUse it to get 10 Tickets
MRMDE4E4A7B10TUse it to get 10 Tickets
MRM83UD4BA720TUse it to get 20 Tickets
CUWSJCC49E350TUse it to get 50 Tickets
8XGXDAA4B701EUse it to get Ethereal chest
5UXXK5D49F460LUse it to get a 60-minute timelapse
5BGHPBA4A2F120LUse it to get a 120-minute timelapse

How to Redeem Mr. Mine Cheat Codes?

To redeem the codes in Mr Mine, you have to follow the simple steps below:

  • Start the game and click on the Garage Door located next to the Craft Center. 
  • After that, click on the Redeem button within the Use Tickets tab. 
  • Input the code in the designated box and press the “Redeem Code” button.