New Club Penguin Codes

In New Club Penguin, you’re a Penguin hanging around in penguin resorts. You can customize your looks, for which you’ll need some coins. Don’t worry. You can also get some beautiful wearables for free! New Club Penguin is an MMORPG game based on a penguin island filled with snow where you can explore, dress up your penguin and decorate your Igloo. It has a Coins system that you can buy clothes with and also has monthly Parties and Events and special events of shorter duration. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Active Codes

FREEHOODUse it to get UK Hoodie
ONLINESAFETYUse it to get Online Safety Sweater
SPOOKYDAY22Use it to get Halloween items & 5K Coins
TIMBOUse it to get Spanish Fifth Year Hat & 5K Coins

Expired Codes

100KUSERSUse it to get Ninja Mask, eReader, Top Trumps Exclusive, 100k Jacket, and also 4,000 coins
20KUSERSUse it to get Star Glasses, Target Background, Tie Dye Shirt, Lighthouse Pin, and also 2,500 coins
2MILPIZZASUse it to get Tons of items & 1K Coins
50KUSERSUse it to get Blue Crosshatch Sweater, Island Lei, MP3000, and also 2,500 coins
BIRTHDAYUse it to get a Happy Birthday Hat and also 5,000 coins
BOOKOFBOBAUse it to get Boba Fett Helmet, Costume & The Child
COLORVOTEUse it to get Some paint items
DISCORD10KUse it to get Discord Pin, Discord T-Shirt, and also 2,000 coins
EARLYACCESSUse it to get Puffle Whistle and also 5,000 coins
EARTHDAYUse it to get Animal Costumes
EASTERDROPUse it to get Easter Items
FESTIVE21Use it to get 8k Coins
FREEGIFTUse it to get 8k coins
HALLOWEENUse it to get 7 Halloween items
HOLIDAYSUse it to get a Blue winter jacket, Pink duffle coat, Snow shovel, Kitty Kat Toque, Blue toque, and also 2,000 coins
MAYTHE4THUse it to get a Lot of outfits
NEWYEARUse it to get Blue HipHop Hoddie, Pink Hip Hop Hoodie, Fireworks Pin, X Background, and also 1,000 coins
ONEYEARUse it to get an Anniversary hat & 5k coins
PRIDE21Use it to get Some rainbow items
SPRINGSEASONUse it to get Some spring items and also 100 coins
STPATRICKSUse it to get Clover Garland, Leprechaun Background, Pot O’Gold, Shamrock hat, Lucky Coin Pin, and also 1k coins
SUMMERPACKUse it to get Tons of items & 1K Coins
SUSHISHOPUse it to get a Sushi tray, Sushi master uniform, The sushi master and also 1,000 coins
THANKYOUUse it to get 8 items (police and also scientist stuff)
TRICKORTREATUse it to get Trick Or Treat Pumpkin & 100 coins
VALENTINESUse it to get Lovely Dress, Heart’s Warning Hat, Be My Valentine Background, and also 1k coins
WEDDINGUse it to get 7 items

How to redeem codes in New Club Penguin?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in New Club Penguin:

You will need to go to the server selection screen and tap on Unlock Items online in the upper right corner. After that, tap on “I’ve got a code”, input the Code in the text box, and tap on Next to receive a reward.