Njorun’s Will Co-Op: How To Play Multiplayer

Quadruped created the Indie game Njorun’s Will. Players are urged to join forces with a pal to play as two Kaera Scouts on a risky investigation assignment in the game. The game is created primarily for co-op play and delivers hard and punishing gameplay. All game elements and experiences are designed with “co-openness” in mind, making it the only way to play intended.
If you are looking to start a split Screen Co-op Njorun’s Will with other players, you have come to the right place.

Split Screen

Follow the steps below to play Njorun’s Will on a split screen. 

  1. Connect all your controllers to the gaming device and then click “Play” to start the game. 
  2. The first player must use the keyboard and mouse to control their character. 
  3. Other players can use their controllers to control their characters.
  4. The screen will be divided into multiple sections, one for each player. 
  5. All players will share the same screen in co-op mode.