Pet Training Guide – The Sims 4

This guide will show you the right way to the pet training skill and pet training in General within the Sims 4.

General Pet training Removing Misbehaviors.

You will need the cats and dogs expansion pack for this. First, take a look at General pet training, cats and dogs start with a heap of potential misbehaviors that can be trained out. 

It includes scratching furniture, jumping on counters, and eating or playing in the trash. Eating human food, drinking from or playing in puddles, and waking up your sim.

You need to catch your pet while performing one of these misbehaviors so that you can scold them for it or lecture them about it.

Scolding is a meaningful interaction, and lecturing is a friendly interaction.

Note that while these interactions have a chance to succeed but not guaranteed. They may fail sometimes. 

It is a bit harder to train dogs with stubborn traits and cats with spoiled traits. The scolding will almost always fail so you must try lecturing them. You also have the option where you can beg them to stop misbehaving and if successful, it will help to train out misbehavior.

The dogs with the troublemaker trait and cats with the mischievous trait will misbehave more often. So you need to avoid these if you’re looking for good behavior. 

When a lecture or scold gets successful, your pet will have a bubble over its head indicating that the misbehavior is improving.

Once misbehavior has been completely trained out, your pet will stop performing that interaction. Sometimes this can just take scolding or lecturing a behavior once but other times it can take quite a few lectures or scolds. You’ll get a notification saying that your pet will no longer perform it.

It is how to train out misbehaviors when completing the friend of the animal’s aspiration.

You will need to pay close attention to your pets early on and it will help to iron out any misbehaviors that you find annoying.

To get pets to stick to their beds, you’ll need to ask a pet to lie down in their pet bed a few times. Then they will start to become more familiar with it being theirs.

Dogs with the smart trait and cats with the clever trait are easier to train out their misbehaviors. For dogs, the smart trait also calls out that they’ll learn tricks easier. So it’s a hugely helpful trait to give your pet if you want to teach them lots of tricks.

Pet Training Performing Tricks.

Now to look at the pet training skill itself which has just five levels, the game often calls them commands.

Level 1 

At level 1 in the pet training skill, you can show off your pet to other sims in friendly interactions and also teach your dog commands including rollover, sit, speak and lie down. You can also train your dog to play fetch and you’ll need a ball for that.

Level 2

At level 2, you can teach your dog to heal, shake and play dead. Once your pet has learned to trick or command, it will move from the training to the trained commands section and you can have your pet perform them at any time.

Level 3

At level 3 of the pet training skills, you can send your dog to explore. This interaction is available on dirt or sand piles and it’ll see your dog head on over dig it up and bring you back a little gift.

It can be quite cute for making a little bit of extra side money or finding a few Collectibles and it saves you time having your dog go and do the digging for you.

There are also some bushes in Brindleton Bay that you can send your pet to explore.

Level 4

Level 4 of the pet training skill is even more exciting. Depending on how much chaos you want your dog to cause, reaching this level will help you to command your dog to attack other Sims. They will go all out on whoever you tell them to. You can also show off pet tricks to other Sims which appear in friendly interactions with them.

Level 5

When you max the pet training skill at level 5, you’ll be able to have your dog perform tricks for other Sims, and you’ll teach tricks to your dogs faster. When you’re using the pet training skill, you can add the training ground trait to the lot that you’re on, it will help your sim to level up the pet training skill faster.

Another thing to keep in mind is obstacle courses. You can use the obstacle objects to  build a custom course and can have your pet complete it. It is a really fun way to train the pet training skill and the higher your skill the better, your pet will perform on the course.

Be a dog Trainer

If you want to be a dog trainer, then you will need to pick up and try to finish the friend of the animals’ aspiration.

Completing this will give your sim the Animal Whisperer trait and it makes it easier to train and discipline animals as well as gain relationships with them. So it helps in every single way.