Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy – Nintendo Switch Save Game

CAPCOM’s Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy is a Simulation video game. Experience the original trilogy that has captured millions of fans worldwide in a single compilation of the game. Take on the roles of famed defence attorney Phoenix Wright and his colleagues as they handle perplexing cases, explore strange mysteries, and battle to prove their client’s innocence in court. With HD graphics and a newly redesigned user interface, this is the ideal opportunity to discover or enjoy this iconic series for the first time.

How to Restore Nintendo Switch Save file

To restore nintendo switch save files using Homebrew JKSV, you’d need to follow these steps:

Using Homebrew JKSV:

  • Firstly, download the JKSV.nro file
  • Drop the download file into the switch folder on the root of your SD card.  
  • After that, load into the switch and navigate to the Homebrew menu. Then open up the JKSV app
  • Tap on the game you’d like to restore and make a new backup file. Press Y and then hold A to restore it. 

Download Save file:

The game is finished in this save file.