Politician Career Guide – The Sims 4

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the politician career. It comes with the city living expansion pack including both the charity organizer and the politician branches.

Give your Sim confidence.

If your sim is high in confidence, then it is hugely beneficial for this career. You have to give the self-assuredness to your sim that will give them a confident moodlet from time to time.

Psyching yourself up in the mirror and using a sink to brush your sims teeth will give your sim a competent moodlet.

Get a Job

You have to use your phone to find a job. Once you’ve officially started as a politician, you will find that there are two ways to go about this career. 

Select your cause

One cause is to play it passively and head to work each day or the second is to work from home. The first thing you have to do is select your cause which will ideally relate to what your politician is passionate about.

There are five you can choose from being, the world united foundation for less mischief, no sim left behind, simoleons for everyone, and finally, speak for the trees. You can change your sim’s cause at any time.

If you’re playing the career passively and heading into work each day then you can change the way your sim works by clicking on the little symbol on their head icon.

You can raise your sim’s performance by working hard.

Fighting the power will increase the charisma skill and make you energized but it lowers work performance. Making connections will increase the social need and let you meet a few sims in the industry but it will lower the performance. Taking it easy will lower your work performance but increase the fun and potentially make your sim happy.

If you complete your sims daily task, then you will get a promotion and the daily task is to successfully promote your course.

You have to find a sim and you’ll notice a political career tab under friendly interactions, You can select to promote the cause.

You’ll complete the daily task if you manage to be successful with this interaction. If you’re good friends with the target sim then promoting the cause option will be replaced by lead to the cause. And it will change to rally to the cause if you’re in a confident mood. 

You have to be in a confident mood and choose to rally to the cause whenever possible.

Being confident also helps you train the charisma skill faster and it is the only skill needed when progressing through a political career. As long as you have an audience while protesting, then protesting will give you a confident moodlet too.

But if you don’t have an audience then your sim will be left embarrassed. Protesting can give you a small amount of fame and a reputation boost if you have the get famous expansion pack.

Working From Home

If you decide to work from home, then you’ll be given daily tasks to complete such as becoming confident, promoting your cause, and protesting at certain locations.

You may also need to paint a political mural. For this, you simply need to find a mural object that hasn’t been painted on, or remove the paint if it has been painted. There are a few of these around the spice market area or you can just buy one for 135 simoleons. Then just choose to paint a political mural while this is easy and great if you want to make painting a bit of a side hustle. It takes hours to complete.

Another task is that you need to discuss neighborhood changes with neighbors. It is the punishment that you should ignore if you don’t have two other sims in your neighborhood. 

This interaction is easy enough to find within the friendly interactions. It only appears for sims who live within your section of the world, just your small neighborhood.

The easiest way to track down these sims is to visit them directly at home. but if you don’t have two other sims living in your specific area, then you have to ignore this task.

At level four in the career, you can give an expert speech with a podium and the podiums can be bought in buy mode, placed in your inventory, and then whipped out wherever you like.

If you have a famous pack, then giving speeches can be a good way to earn your sims a little bit of fame.

When you reach level 5 in the career, then you’ll need to pick between two branches, the charity organizer or the politician branch.

Charity Organizer

If you look at the charity organizer branch, the first thing you’ll notice is that you have to collect a certain amount of donations to be promoted. You can only ask for 25 simoleon donations in the beginning but as you progress in your career, you can ask for more.

You can ask for 100 at level 6 in the career. At level 7 in the career 250 and finally, at level 8 you can ask for 1,000 simoleon donations. 

The amount you need to raise to be promoted will increase too. Starting with 50 simoleons to get to level 6, and 500 simoleons for level 7. 1,500 simoleons to get to level 8. 5,000 for level 9 and a large 20,000 simoleons worth of donations to reach the top of the career.

You’ll also need to max out your charisma skill to reach the top of your career. You simply need to ask sims for a donation in the political career section to secure a donation, under friendly interactions. Securing higher-value donations becomes considerably harder, and securing a 1,000-simoleon donation is very difficult.

You can maximize your charisma skill to make it easier. Being in a confident mood, and promoting, leading, or ideally rounding sims into your course first will help secure that donation.

There’s also a decent cooldown on asking for donations but each donation amount has a separate cool-down. So you can ask a sim for a 100 simoleon and a 250 simoleon donation back to back. One of the easiest ways is to make a few friends and invite them over every day before asking them for donations.

It is a bit quicker than heading out to find randoms on the street. You need to collect donations means that it’s difficult to play this career truly passively. However, you can still head into work through the rabbit hole each day if you do this then collecting donations will become your daily task. Working hard is still the best option however you will notice that you also have the ability to smooth talk donors at work which will lower work performance but increase your charisma skill.

If you play the career by working from home, then the tasks include collecting donations, painting a political mural promoting your course, and discussing neighborhood changes. Also, you have to write a letter using the computer.

Another task is to get to know three sims in an area of san myshuno such as uptown or the fashion district.

You have to introduce yourself and use the get-to-know interaction. You might need to give a speech uptown in which case there’s a podium already in the area.

Another potential task is to brighten a sims day in a certain district such as the spice market.

You will need to introduce yourself and select brighten day interaction within the friendly section.

You also need to start a debate with another sim for left or right politics which are politician career interactions in the friendly section. For most of this branch, you’ll be working just three days a week which is great if you want more time to pursue other interests.

You’ll also unlock some creators in clothes too as you progress in your career. It’s a great career option for sims and the courses you can choose from will help you to tie it in with your sim’s personality and interest.

Political Branch

Now let’s talk about the politician branch. When you enter this branch, you’ll have the access to a range of new interactions, including asking for small and large bribes and making empty promises.

You will be able to promote policies and secure votes; the small and large bribe interactions also require level 7 and level 9 charisma respectively to perform. If successful, then a small bribe will net you 500 simoleons and a large bribe 2,000.

It will also give your sim an embarrassed moodlet for 8 hours and you won’t be able to ask for another bribe again until it clears.

This branch mainly focuses on securing votes.

You’ll need to max the charisma skill and secure 20 votes to reach the top of the career. Making empty promises is a mischief interaction and promoting policies is a friendly interaction within the political career section.

If you successfully pull one of these interactions off, then a subsequent secure vote interaction will be more likely to be successful.

If your sim is high in confidence, then it will help to increase the success rate of all of these interactions too.

If you decide to go to work each day, then you’ll get a new way to work called study legislation. It will increase work performance. 

If you decide to work from home, then the tasks will include making empty promises to sims, promoting policies, securing votes, painting political murals, discussing interests with other sims, and giving a confident or inspirational speech in uptown, writing letters or even brightening a sims day or making a friend at a san Mizuno neighborhood such as the spice market.

You’ll also unlock some new creator sim clothes as you progress. This branch is great for storytelling and it will be working five days a week for most of your career.