8 Video Puzzle

A normal 8 slide puzzle (3×3), but with video instead of picture or numbers which makes it very challenging and fun to play. Try to solve a huge number of puzzles created by other players or create puzzles with your own videos and share them with friends.

Price: Free

Published on: April 17, 2021



📹 Many cool videos to solve
📹 Create your own puzzles and share them with other players
📹 Pick videos from the gallery
📹 Download only the puzzles that you want to play
📹 Puzzles sorted in different difficulties
📹 Puzzle preview before start
📹 Timer function: record your playtime
📹 Steps counter: try to solve the puzzle with the least steps possible
📹 Get many rewards for the best scores
📹 Use help and hints for difficult puzzles
📹 Login with Google Games and keep your achievements on multiple devices
📹 You only need Wi-Fi to download puzzles, after that you can play them any time without the internet.
📹 Optimized for smartphones and tablets, i.e. compatible with all devices


🃏 Easy: slow-moving natural videos with static background + unlimited Steps + unlimited Time
🃏 Medium: natural videos with moving background + limited steps + unlimited Time
🃏 Hard: fast-moving natural videos + limited steps + limited Time + random playback speed for each tile
🃏 Extreme: Fast abstract videos + limited steps + limited Time + random playback speed for each tile

Hints and Help

❓ Tile Numbers: Show the number of each tile on top of the video
❓ Pause video: pauses the video and turn the puzzle into a normal image puzzle
❓ Bot Moves: make automatic moves to solve the puzzle for you

Available Languages

🌍 English
🌍 German
🌍 French
🌍 Spanish
… other Languages will come with new releases

How to play

The sliding puzzle game consists of a frame of square tiles in random order, with one tile missing, the goal of the puzzle is to place the tiles in order by making sliding moves that use the empty space. Endless challenge mode that challenges your logical thinking and mental limits

Last Updated on April 21, 2021