Alien Scumbags



The year is 20XX and the earth has been ravaged by nuclear wars, the only hope left for our planet is the research shuttle Nostrami, unfortunately the
ship Nostrami has been incommunicado for 48 hours now. That’s were you come in! You are Master Chef a bad ass space marine, it’s your job to explore the dark corridors of the Nostrami to find out what events occurred on earths only hope.

Search the depths, but beware the hell that awaits you!

Key Features

  • Bring on the gore! Take out the evil that awaits you with a selection of epic weapons including the iconic pump action shotgun
  • 12 fully interactive environments: Raise hell in fully destructible physics based levels
  • Easy to play, difficult to master: Use unique abilities including hiding in lockers, running and air boosting to reach new areas.
  • Original dark ambient soundtrack: The perfect accompaniment to ripping and tearing through your enemies
  • Loads to unlock: Unlock 11 characters with unique perks, find secrets on each level, golden eggs and collect data disks

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