Badminton Stars!

Badminton Stars is a badminton sports game that is designed with very simple game mechanics. The players just need to hit the shuttlecock by tapping on to the screen. This game provides you the feature to play solo or with other players all around the world.

Price: Free!

Published on: October 1, 2022
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Badminton Stars is a badminton sports game that was released in 2018. When the Badminton match starts, you and your opponent will be located on the opposite sides of the net. You have to hit the shuttlecock by just tapping the screen with your finger. Your player will automatically change his position after the hit of the opponent, so you don’t have to control the position, just hit the shuttlecock with tapping the screen.

Badminton Stars game gives you the feature to customize your character. You can play the single player campaign or start playing the multiplayer mode and can also challenge your friends in the game. The game is featuring different badminton tournaments. Badminton Stars game is designed with very basic and simple mechanics and you can download it from the Apple app store for free.