Published on: October 1, 2022


Do You Have What It Takes To Be The King?!

BattleStick is a crazy and humorous fast-paced physics-based 2D stickman MMO where you fight others in an arena with several weapons to choose from!

Imbue yourself with the power of those you’ve slain whilst misleading your enemies by feigning your own death! The strategies are yours to make, and we will continue to expand upon the game with new and exciting updates to bring you hours of entertainment!

BattleStick is, and will always be, a Free-to-Play game.

In-Game Purchases : To support development, there will be items made available for purchase within the game, but they will never be offered to gain an advantage over others. For example, you are able to purchase skins and weapons with the in-game currency “Coins” for use immediately, however you can also unlock each and every weapon/skin from leveling up. So it is up to you, the player, if you wish to grind it out, or support the developers and get to use a specific weapon/wear a specific skin without waiting.


WAD/ZQD or Up/Left/Right arrow keys: Movement.
S or Down arrow key: Regenerate HP.
Left Mouse Button: Use Weapon.
Right Mouse Button: Drop a Satchel Charge/Explode a dropped Satchel Charge.