Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead


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Bridge Constructor: The Walking dead is an amalgam created by taking the ever popular physics based puzzle elements of Bridge Connector and placing them in the eccentric world of The Walking Dead Universe.  

The basic premise of the game is based around devising strategies to let the human survivors escape a zombie infested area. The story of the game is depicted using written text and comic book style art.  While most of the survivors are depicted as helpless, some characters have special abilities allowing them to take charge instead of being mere liabilities. The gameplay involves different ways to stop a zombie ambush. These include building bridges that are just strong enough to bear the weight of human survivors and collapse as soon as the massive hordes of walkers step on it. Additionally, you have options like dropping huge shipment containers and throwing one of Eugene’s dolls towards them. The game features some of the most iconic characters from both franchises in addition to several new ones. 

 The game features more than 40 different game levels with different complexities and varying difficulties. Each level follows the same pattern of you arriving at a stage and gathering clues. You then set up different special actions for the waypoints you are supposed to take. These special actions are nifty addons to ordinary skills and offer advanced abilities to your heroes. Each waypoint can store up to five of special actions. You then move on to gathering all the building materials including steel, wood and ropes and get busy constructing your desired structures and traps. If your constructed structures are not able to keep the walkers from catching up to the survivors, you have to start over again. 

The game features stunning graphics in addition to a chilling background score. The controls are very responsive and the game is highly optimized for all platforms. All of these features make this cross-over a great option for new as well as veteran players.

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