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Drawing from long list of your favourite movies, Broforce gives side-scrolling action platformers a rocket by piling characters on top of characters, and loading them up with everything from Blade’s blades to the Bro in Black’s memory wipe gun. Indie developers Free Lives pack multiple versions of Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger into the game, fill it with playability, and then give you the means to blow up every pixel in every corner of every screen.
In many ways, it works. Although the 8-bit aesthetic may be wearing a bit thin, I tended to avoid platformers back in the day, so I didn’t expect to be playing new ones all these years later. But, with Broforce, the focus remains firmly on fun. Especially in multiplayer, the game ramps up the fun, sticks a flag in it, and leaves a trail of bodies behind.

There is a story mode, just not much of a story. Broforce is an organisation with a whole lot of guys with ‘Bro’ in their names, so it’s called Broforce. Don’t worry, every preconception you have about it is totally accurate. In the beginning Rambro is dropped into a jungle, he jumps across deadly caverns, burns bridges, climbs walls with his knife, shoots and blows up everything, and rescues fellow Bros.
While it’s mostly about mowing down bad guys, every level also has a number of prisoners in cages. Smashing the cages allows Rambro to rescue the prisoners and unlock more Bros. In quick succession you are switched to a new Bro, each with their own unique load-out that includes a main weapon, melee weapon and special attack. The special attack can be anything from impenetrable armour to remote targeting.
However, a constraint of the game is not being able to pick your Bro. Everytime you die you start with a new character, and every time you save a prisoner you switch to a different Bro. The only problem is if you are on a level where a good ranged weapon would be an advantage, but you’re stuck with McBrover who only drops sticks of dynamite, then all you can do is die and hope you get a better Bro next time.

But, with the right Bro you’re in for fast-paced destruction. Just about everything in Broforce is destructible: buildings, vehicles, and the ground. Want to take out a machine-gun wielding boss? You can attack him head-on, or blast your way through the ground and attack from below. Or you could just dig your way past all the bad guys and get to the extraction point without firing a shot. Of course, the whole point of the game is blasting everything on the map and rescuing all the prisoners. Remember, the more prisoners you unlock, the more Bros.
Just be prepared to have ‘bro’ inserted into every name whether it works, as in Rambro; whether it kind of works, like Brobocop; or even if it is just plain stupid – Bro Hard, Brade, Snake Broskin, or Ash Brolliams. But ‘stupid’ is a perfectly acceptable goal when you name your game Broforce. So it’s kind of petty to criticise the game for nailing a deliberately eye-rolling tone.
Don’t worry, every preconception you have about [Broforce] is totally accurate.
Most of the time it feels like Broforce is simply a chance for the South Africa-based developers to list their favourite movies and TV series. But, even if the initial inspiration for the game came from 80’s action flicks, there is no restriction when it comes to being a member of Broforce. If you have the guns, not being a bro won’t stop you being a Bro, as the inclusion of Ellen Ripbro and The Brode prove (that’s The Brode from Kill Bill – I know, they’ve painted themselves into a corner with the whole Bro thing). The only surprises are the obvious candidates that haven’t been included. Cameron Bro, from Con Air, anyone? Or the Transportbro… the Broporter… the Transbroter. Screw it, you can see why the stopped trying after a while.
While the Bros add a layer of humour, what will keep you interested is the gameplay. Like most retro platformers, Broforce has a few difficulty spikes. Especially since you don’t have control over which Bro you get. The screen can get very busy, packed with enemies, and plenty of unavoidable and instant deaths along the way.

When it gets difficult you can always get your own bros to help, with both four-player local and online co-op. Broforce is at its best playing with your bros. In online mode and you get a long list of open games from level one to level sixty. Although, finding a game is very easy, intense levels can not only lag, but get weirdly buggy. Not that it matters too much. You can drop out and drop into another game without any trouble. Or, you can try your hand at four-player versus and find out just how good you are at button mashing.
For anyone who hasn’t had their fill of retro side-scrolling platformers, Broforce effortless and undeniable fun. Load-up, settle in, a



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