Call of Sniper Shooting 2018

Shoot, kill and assault. Be an ultimate FPS commando Sniper killer in your army sign a contract against terrorist and underworld mafia gang and eliminate them from your homeland.

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Play as real elite hero in this action arena game. Try to take perfect shot, Use thermal zoom for perfect headshot. Never miss your shot, and never let these criminal escapes from the city. Try to be the top Sniper, shoot to kill, every bullet to be counted, do these missions lesson able for underworld gangsters and their mafia. Become the best sniper assault shooter, Use your sniper shooting skills and tactics and complete all the mission objectives. Shot and kill with one shot because the city gangsters are very clever, they have also guns and other shooting equipment, so be aware of that. If you miss your shot, they shoot back on you; this will be difficult for you to survive in the warfare city. Be a legend of action Fury hero, apply your top commando strategy, and counter attack the dangerous terrorist from all sides of the city war arena.

Last Updated on January 16, 2021


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