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Conan Exiles is a survival video game that was released in 2018. Your character will be located on a very strange land where he has to fight for survival. The weather of this land is very severe. The sunlight is very hard to face. Sometimes the weather is very cold that can almost freeze you up. The land consists of deserts and huge mountains like icebergs. You have to explore the area and collect the necessary items you find on the land. You must find something to end your hunger and thirst to stay alive. You can make weapons and tools with the items you found. You have to build a home or shelter for your living. You can use anything in the area to do so. You will be protected with the enemies and the severity of weather by building a home.

There are some other players and deadly monsters that are out there on the land. You have to battle against them in order to survive. You can kill them with the weapons you made. These monsters will try to destroy the home you just built. You must protect your house along with your survival and destroy their buildings or structures.

You can play single player campaign or against the other players in online mode. Multiplayer mode gives you the option to defeat the enemies by making a team of your friends. Conan Exiles is made for PC, Playstations and Xbox.

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2 reviews for Conan Exiles

  1. Baptiste

    I had few lag issues during the gameplay!

  2. Accolades

    This game is a masterpiece!

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