Cuties Dungeon



Meet Cutie, A dark and demented rabbit hellbent on destroying everything that’s cute! Cutie is out for revenge and won’t stop until he has ended the never-ending cycle of cuteness happening around him. Defeat cute animals as they try to convert you into their cute ways. This local multiplayer-Co-op game allows you to play with friends and explore the cutest dungeons ever made. Can you destroy it all? Or will you succumb to the cuteness!
Cutie has called his friends, Fluffy, Sammie, and Stumpy to help him on his journey through the ‘Cave of Cuteness’. Together [or alone] fight against challenging bosses and large hordes of cute critters. Level up and buy cursed items for you to use on your next attempt through the once adorable cave. Interact with your enemies and find out the hidden secrets behind Cuties Dungeon!

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