DeadShotZ is an action arcade survival game being released in 2019 for the game player all around the globe. You have to fight against a huge number of zombies in this game in order to survive. You will be equipped with weapons to kill these zombies. And you can also purchase new weapons and other game items by collecting the coins in the game. The more number of zombies you kill, the more number of new zombies will come. They will never stop. So you have to try your best to survive as long as you can.

DeadShotZ game is based on different levels. The main objective of every level is to eliminate the zombies. The zombies will come from all four directions. You have to attack them while protecting yourself. Some zombies will release coins after being killed, you can collect these coins up. DeadShotZ is a real fun action game that is available for you to play on the Windows PC and mobile phones.

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