Dewey Does – Memory Match Game

Do you love interactive matching game that challenges your memory? Dewey Does Playground Memory. Match game is fun and suitable for kids/adults to train their brain and keep the memory sharp.

Price: Free

Published on: April 5, 2021


The playground memory match game is designed to instill interest in kids to spend more of their time playing sports outside instead of staying glued to their television or computer screen for hours. This iOS fun game has rich visuals and offers an immersive experience to keep players engaged throughout their playing time.

Since the matching game is sort of a brain exercise, it improves kids’ memory and concentration power. Improved visual memory and faster-thinking skills are other benefits of playing the Playground Memory Match game. Not just kids but anyone from 2 to 92 can play this game to have a fun time and improve their memory.

How to Play:-

The playground memory match game shows you pairs of images of the same sport into two sections in the grid randomly arranged. All you have to do is correctly match sports and activity images as displayed on your screens. But you need to remember what matches with what as the right match hides after showing up to test your memory.

The game has multiple levels and always keeps you interested to move up to the next level. The difficulty level goes up and becomes more challenging than the last as you move up in the game. The difficulty level begins with 3 X 3 grid and the size keeps increasing to 4X4 grid, 4X5 grid and so on. The game becomes even more fun and harder every time you jump on to a new level, and your memory only becomes sharper.

Last Updated on April 5, 2021