Dig Dig Mole

Dig Dig Mole is a free to play action game for mobile phones. Plas as a mole and dig the ground to collect the buried jewels. Avoid obstacles and monsters and power up your mole to proceed further in the game.

Price: Free


Dig Dig Mole is an action game which was released in 2021. You have to play the role of a mole in this game, help him to find the jewels buried under the ground. As much as you dig the ground, there will be more chances to find the jewels. You will need to protect the mole from ores, lava bedrock on your way and also avoid the sunlight, otherwise he will take damage.

You will also face some underground monsters, avoid them and continue your adventure of finding the jewels. Your mole will power up as you proceed further in the game and his color will change. Collect the hearts to restore your lost health. The Dig Dig Mole game is available for free on the Apple app store and Google play store.