Domination: Earth

Build your army and make your alliances to defeat your opponents. Show your dominance in the world by capturing as much land as you can to expand your empire. Use your phone’s camera to convert the real life items into game items.

Price: Free


Domination: Earth is an augmented reality strategy game being released worldwide in 2020. In this game, the players need to build their army and also a military base. Make alliances with your neighbours and battle against the opposing forces to capture as much land as you can. Your empire will expand this way. Explore the land to find out the resources and these resources will help you in construction.

You can scan the items with barcodes present in real life and convert them into game items. The camera of your mobile phone will scan the barcode of these items. You will have to protect your base and area from the attacks of enemies. Travel to other countries with your alliances and build military bases wherever you like to show your dominance in the world.  Domination: Earth game is featured for free on mobile phones.