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Doom Eternal is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software. It is the fifth main game in the Doom series and a sequel to the 2016 game Doom. 

The game is set shortly after the events of its predecessor and the Doom Slayer returns as the main protagonist of the game. After the demonic forces are able to eliminate half of the earth’s population, the remaining survivors join forces with a resistance movement known as the Armored Response Coalition. The demonic invasion is controlled by the Khan Maykr who seeks to sacrifice the mankind. However, the invasion can be stopped by killing the three high priests who serve Khan. The Doom Slayer brings a satellite fortress controlled by the AI VEGA in order to kill the priests but is only able to kill one of them as Khan transports the other two to unknown locations.  

Doomed to search for eternity, the Doom Slayer travels to hell in order to find the exiled Sentinel known as the Betrayer who gives the slayer a power source. The AI VEGA is then able to guide him to one of the priests where the Slayer kills him. Hoping to get information about the third priest, the slayers goes to the ARC compound and retrieves Hayden’s damaged chassis. He then upload’s Hayden’s mind into the fortress bringing him to life. Hayden reveals to the slayer that the third Priest is hiding on the Sentinel Prime. The slayer then travels to Phobos where he uses the BFG 10000 to shoot a hole in Mars. He then uses this hole to get to Hebeth, a city located in Mar’s core that has the portal required to get to Sentinel Prime. the slayer finds the third priest on Sentinel prime and kills him 

The game continues on the push-forward combat that the series is known for and encourages you to engage in aggressive encounters in order to get ammo, health and armor. The different weapons featured in the game include the Rocket Launcher, combat shotgun, chain-gun, heavy cannon, and plasma rifle among others. The game also adds a meat hook to the super shot gun which essentially functions as a grappling hook and launches the player towards enemies. Additionally, the game also features melee weapons including the Crucible Blade energy sword and the Doom blade. As far as armor goes, the game adds a new shoulder mounted equipment launcher that houses grenades and ice bombs.  

The game features a number of new enemies including the Doom Hunter and Marauder. There is also a  new “Destructible Demons” system that allows the enemies bodies to be progressively destroyed as they receive damage. Additionally, the new Lives system allows you to collect different 1-up items which give you the ability to respawn where you die instead of restarting at the nearest checkpoint. Other new features include upgraded movement mechanics like dash moves, wall climbing and horizontal bars that you can use to swing from. 

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