Drop Out 0

Published on: October 2, 2022


Drop Out 0 is a first person shooting game being released in 2016. The game has a vast range of weapons and some of the weapons are purchasable. You can purchase them with the help of experience gained in the game. You have to attack the opponents in order to knock them out of the game map. You can battle alone and you also have the option to make a team.

You will be rewarded with points after knocking out every opponent and score the maximum points by knocking out as many opponents as you can. This is the only main objective of the game and you will be able to win after scoring the highest number of points. This battle must be completed in the given time limit.  If any of the opponents hit you out of the game map, then your points will be decreased.

In the online multiplayer mode of the game, you can compete with other players sitting in different parts of the world. Drop Out 0 is a very interesting shooting game that can be played on the Mac, Linux and Windows computer system.