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Empires Mod is an action strategy game that was released in 2008 worldwide. The infantry characters in the Empires Mod game are divided into different classes according to their nature and you can completely customize these characters. You have also got the feature to customize their characters. There are two playing factions in the game, Northern faction and Imperial Brenodi empire. Select anyone of this to start up the game.

You have to make the best squad by picking up the characters from different infantry classes. There will be a leader of this squad who will lead the squad into the battle. You can use the tanks and other vehicles during the battle. With the help of tanks, serious damage can be done to the enemy groups. There will be engineer characters in your squad, they can make base camp and bunkers to protect your squad from the attacks of the enemies. Eliminate the opposite factions to win the game. Empires Mod game is a very popular game featuring on the Windows and Linux computer system.

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  1. David Kruse

    The Empires Mod is a glorious experience. It is one of those games whose concept is easy to grasp but difficult to master. This difficulty is not because of an obtuse interface or unclear instructions but because of the skill required. The FTS/RPS combination makes teamwork essential and lends itself well to the development of a clan scene. It is no wonder that the players of Empires (which turns 15 years old on Source next year) are increasingly calling for steps to maintain its greatness in renewed form through the establishment of a remake on a new engine.

    However, the community of the mod has long suffered under the hated Deeist clique, which has made existing clans moribund, sought to monopolize control over the servers, and innumerable other anti-mod activities. This clique is not the entire community but it is important to keep it in mind. That is why the great Empires League under the chairmanship of Mrdie works to educate newcomers as to how to play Empires as well as learn more about it and its community.

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