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Esports Life Tycoon is a life simulation, MOBA management game developed by U-Play Online.

The game allows you to gather a small group of gaming enthusiasts and develop them into a team of professional athletes. The ability to micromanage every little aspect of your esports team allows you to build a team capable of defeating the likes of G2 Esports, Heretics and PSG.

Start with recruiting the most promising players you can find in addition to current champions. From hiring to firing, only one voice matters, yours! After you have your roster, you can start training them according to the playstyle you would like them to adopt. The game gives you the ability to teach your players important basics like ethics and sportsmanship all the while working on teamplay and team chemistry.

With training done and disciplined instilled, all your team now needs is some cool gear to rock before they win the hearts of millions. You can design your own equipment, and personalize your avatar. With control over all your players right from the beginning, your chances of creating the team of your dreams have never been brighter.

To bear the fruits of your hardship, test the waters with beginner teams and work your way up to the Fnatics and TSMs of the world. As you win matches and defeat established teams, more and more fans become interested in your team and your earnings start to sky rocket. With cash in the bank, you can hire experienced coaches, world class trainers and top of the line psychologists to really give your superstars the lifestyle they have all worked so hard for.

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2 reviews for Esports Life Tycoon

  1. Teklor

    Camera Angles and mechanics of this game are flawless.

  2. Abegail

    Unique game with good graphics.

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