Eternal Concord

Forge your own unique team of characters and dive into a journey to redeem yourselves – and the entire world – from an evil within. Experience the first full-length JRPG from the one-man development team Dunamis Games!

Price: $3.99

Published on: February 16, 2021



* A main story with over 10 hours of content

* Every game is different! Choose your team from 8 different character classes, from the Blacksmith to the Wizard.

* Over 130 enemies spread across various locations, from dry desert and barren mountains to lush forests and deep caves

* Travel by land, sea, or air across the vast world of Concordia

* When you’re done with the main story, discover side quests and dungeons to continue your adventure!

* Fight the world’s most difficult bosses in the Monster Arena

* Unlock a variety of Achievements!

* No micro-transactions or ads! Pay once and play forever, with all future updates free.

Last Updated on February 16, 2021