Eve of Destruction – REDUX VIETNAM

Published on: October 1, 2022


Eve of Destruction
is a First-Person-Shooter for PC about the Vietnam War era.
Exaggerated depiction of violence has been deliberately omitted.
Landscapes, characters and their names are fictional.

8 languages in game: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese.
60 maps with different landscapes: with dense jungle, huge ricefields, urban villages and cities with day & nightmode and nightvision if needed
200 different usable vehicles: tanks, helicopters, jets, bombers, APC’s, cars, bikes & bicycles, trucks, boats, ships, stationary weapons, hovercraft and usable animals
68 different handweapons: pistols, rifles, grenade launchers, MG, MP, flamethrower, knifes, grenades, antitank, Molotov Cocktail, smokegrandes & flares, mines, traps, flashlight and much more
Singleplayer with 12 different modes: Arcade, Combat, Tankbattle, Naval Combat, Dogfight, Sniper, Doorgunner, Racing, Soccer, Traffic Survival, Basejump, Zombie
Multiplayer for 2- 128 players and with 5 different modes: Conquest, Search & Destroy, Hillfight, Teamdeathmatch, Deathmatch

Free MOD – Eve of Destruction – Redux PIRATES

Pirates is a free singleplayer modification for Eve of Destruction – Redux, which was inspired by the Battlefield modification ‘Pirates’.
Everything currently in the Pirates mod for Eve of Destruction is obtained either from freely available assets, was purchased online or was self-made.

Pirates offers a wide variety of different ships and boats that with a wide range of naval combat options. The ship’s cannons vary greatly on firepower and it takes a lot of practice to be able to hit targets accurately.

Fight in huge sea battles against enemy ships or on land against bots with swords, pistols, axes and muskets.
You can even take a ride in a balloon to get behind enemy lines.

The MOD comes with the main game Eve of Destruction – Redux VIETNAM and gets updated automatically.